The Barefoot Mama’s Easter Basket: 2016

little dude

This is little dude.

Little dude makes Easter basket stuffing hard sometimes.  He is your very typical three year-old boy.  Loves trucks, outdoors, and looking at our new puppies.  It has been just within the last week that he has started understanding and asking for Bible stories.  I enjoy reading other mommy blogs and love all the creative ways that they incorporate Easter and spiritual education into Easter baskets for their children.  The beautiful books and dolls, the Lego sets, even the candy is symbolic of Easter…..and it will all fly right over his head like one of those planes from the movie he loves.

So, what am I planning on giving a little dude that isn’t old enough to truly understand Easter basket goodies?

I’m so glad you asked.

While I’m still giving him Easter and Bible story books, I decided to get him something that will be useful during this coming spring and summer.

watering the garden

Little dude LOVED helping in our garden last year, so we’re giving him his own garden set.  To be honest, there were about three that I thought of buying.  In the end, we decided to buy him the Green Toys Watering Can and Garden Set.  (We might pick up some cheap seeds at Walmart for him to have his own plants.)

Other than the garden set and a few small stampers and bubbles, we’re just going to use this as an excuse to get some more things for his Mass/ church bag.  (He’s started getting bored with what’s in it now.)  Last year, we gave him the Jesus coloring book by Catholic Book Publishing.  He loved it and so this year, I went to the Catholic bookstore and picked up a coloring book about the Bible.  It’s also published by CBP and is just lovely!   I also bought four small Bible story books and then remembered that I had snitched another one from my in-laws house when we were visiting in December.  Then, my mother and father in-law sent a whole box of books and some candy for Easter, so we may be stretching out some of those book giftings over the whole season of Eastertide.  What can I say?  We love books in this family!

Easter Books 1

Easter Books 2

  • My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter (There are two versions: the one printed in 2002 and a reprint in 2016.)  We have the older version that we snitched from my in-laws.  It’s adorable!
  • The Story of Easter board book (Patricia Pingry/ Rebecca Thornburgh)
  • The Story of Jesus  (Little Golden Book)  Great minds must think alike.  I bought a copy of this for little dude and then my mother in law sent a copy.  So, mine is going to my classroom and Mom’s is going in the basket.  Two birds with one stone!
  • Mary, My Mother  (Fr. Lovasik)
  • Stations of the Cross  (Fr. Lovasik)  With all the other books, this one may end up being saved for next year.  It’s probably the oldest of the books in content-age, so I don’t mind waiting a bit.

Does your family do Easter baskets?  If so, what are you planning on giving to your kids for Easter?  Anything you would really recommend for next year?  Let me know in the comments.

Easter Basket 2016

P.S. As always, some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links.  I do make some money on purchases made through these links, but I only link to things that I am purchasing or have used personally and am happy with.  So, if you choose to, click with confidence!


One thought on “The Barefoot Mama’s Easter Basket: 2016

  1. Our baskets are pretty simple. A variety of chocolate and Easter candy. Each kid also got a LEGO mini-figure and a bottle of bubbles. Gardening tools are a perfect addition though. Our 3-year-old son has been wearing his garden gloves nonstop. We had to force him to leave them in the car when we went into Mass this morning! Happy Easter!


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